Novatron primarily invests in founders and leading technologies on the cusp of wider adoption. Its partner is also a serial entrepreneur and has led multiple businesses in different industries within enterprise tech, consumer tech and gaming over a span of 12 years.

We believe in focus and would invest in only 5-6 opportunities each year.

Over the past 8 years, we have invested in numerous seed companies and have seen some grown to series B rounds & beyond whereas some failed. We have had the fortune of sitting on the board of directors for some and went through the inevitable struggles that come with being part of a startup. We know what the journey is like.

Currently, we are interested in fintech, blockchain technologies and enterprise software.

For fintech, we want to see if the technology can either increase the convenience and efficiency of b2b users, greater return on deployment of capital or marginalize the cost of software to be free.

For blockchain, we want to see how the technology can inspire trust within the application or protocol and whether decentralization is essential. This is one of the many factors including token structure, presale opportunities, team, idea, road map and traction.

For enterprise, we look at retention (how painful it is to switch to another provider), how it saves costs or drives revenues, ease of adoption and the difficulty of replicating such software.

Please contact us if you might be interested to send us your pitch deck or token sale introduction. Please look at the companies we have invested in.